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If you are a WA health service provider, add your service information on Mappa so that users can find you by calling the Mappa team on 9227 1631. Show what services you offer.

Mappa is a custom made platform for the WA health industry that captures not only contact details but lots of useful information to help (i) Aboriginal people; (ii) the health industry professionals; (iii) the public that lives, works or travels within WA.

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About Mappa

You can find WA health services on Mappa – a free to use mapping tool available on It shows comprehensive, culturally appropriate, reliable health service information that coves metro, regional and remote areas throughout Western Australia. It is designed for use by anyone – Aboriginal peoples, health professionals, all patients and the general public.

  • Find the nearest health services to a community/town.
  • Find when a Visiting Specialist and Allied Health Professional will be at a location.
  • See cultural information and remote area travel tips, alternate community names, community events, languages spoken, and cultural notices.
  • Search travel routes for driving, plane, ferry, bus, train and even road closures.
  • Health professionals can use Mappa to coordinate a safer, more responsible ‘patient journey’.