About Mappa

What is Mappa?

Mappa is a free, online platform, which provides comprehensive, culturally appropriate and reliable information for WA health services, patients and their communities. Mappa shows health services in metro, regional and remote areas including their:

  • Facilities
  • Visiting specialists and allied health professionals
  • Mobile bus clinics (location, dates, how to book), and more!

Mappa is custom made for the WA health industry and is designed to help Aboriginal people, health professionals, and the public. The service information displayed on the Mappa website is all publically available information – there are no private details or patient information.

Mappa aims to remove the systemic barriers to enable Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to receive adequate healthcare closer to home, with family and on country where possible.

Add your Health Service

If you are a WA health service provider, add your service information on Mappa by calling the Mappa team on 9227 1631 so that users can find you. Show what services you offer.

Mappa is a custom made platform for the WA health industry that captures not only contact details but lots of useful information to help (i) Aboriginal people; (ii) the health industry professionals; (iii) the public that lives, works or travels within WA.



Mappa is a service for you as a health professional to better guide your patient and their family on all health care needs. The platform has been possible through existing and ongoing strong consultation with clinicians, health professionals and health industry organisations and the wider community.


How does Mappa help Aboriginal people?

The ongoing legacy of colonisation and resulting systemic racism and discrimination has preserved deep disparities in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Aboriginal people suffer a far greater health burden than non-Aboriginal people, including lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality rate and higher rates of chronic diseases. The integral roles of community, country and culture in the overall health and wellbeing of an Aboriginal person is often overlooked by western health care systems.

Mappa is underpinned by the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector’s Model of Care recognising the integral roles of family, community, spirituality and country in the overall health and wellbeing of Aboriginal Australians. Mappa seeks to increase the cultural responsiveness of the healthcare system to address health disparities by easily identifying local healthcare options for patients that take into account how geographical distance exacerbates disadvantage and the cultural importance for Aboriginal people to remain on country to be surrounded by their family and community.

Mappa is innovative and unique. It incorporates a critical cultural aspect (the missing piece) in the Australian Health Care system’s ability to adequately support Aboriginal patients in remote and regional areas. Mappa creates a comprehensive cultural platform that is not available through other avenues, and has the potential to raise the cultural awareness and responsiveness of health professionals and other users.

View all the cultural features within Mappa.

The Mappa Timeline

2018 / 19

Mappa prototype created

2019 / 20

New redesign with more features and functionality, collect information WA wide.

2020 / 21

Add more service information and features.

Who is Mappa funded by?

Additional funding source: Mappa received funding from the Australian Government.

Key Contributors

The following areas are the focus for financial years: 2019-20 and 2020-21

Mappa Steering Committee

  • Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA)
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS)
  • WA Department of Health (DoH)
  • Australian Department of Health
  • WA Country Health Service (WACHS)
  • Rural Health West (RHW)
  • HBF
  • Earbus Foundation of WA
  • Lions Eye Institute
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)
  • Royal Perth Hospital
  • St John Ambulance
  • WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA)
  • Western Australian Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies (WANADA)

Perth Metro Hospitals plus

  • Environmental Health (DoH + WALGA)
  • Mental Health Commission (MHC)
  • Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH)

Focus Areas

Health Services & Areas

  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health
  • Telehealth
  • GPs
  • Child and Community Health  
  • Country Connect
  • Cultural Components – Lore Time, Cultural Events, Community Events, Permit for Rural & Remote Communities
  • Health Clinics/Centres, nursing posts, remote area clinics
  • Dental
  • Integrated Team Care (ITC)
  • Interpreting Services
  • PATS
  • Pharmacy
  • Population Health
  • Transport
  • And much more…

Mobile Bus Clinics / Visiting Specialists

Visiting Specialists and Allied health professionals

  • 360 Community Health
  • Aboriginal Interpreting Western Australia (AIWA)
  • Amity Health
  • Boab Health
  • Breastscreen WA
  • Earbus Foundation of WA
  • Hearing Australia
  • Heartcare
  • Kimberley Dental Team
  • Lions Eye Institute
  • Patches
  • Perth Cardiovascular Institute (PCI)
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)
  • WA Cardiology
  • WA Country Health Service (WACHS)
  • Western Cardiology