The Mappa program puts WA health services on a map and shows comprehensive information for each health service. The team gets asked a lot of questions and we wanted to share the top FAQs to try help as many users as possible.  

These FAQs get updated throughout the year so make sure to check back on this page to find your up-to-date answers.

Add your Health Service

If you are a WA health service provider, add your service information today on Mappa so that users can find you. Show what services you offer.

Mappa is a custom made platform for the WA health industry that captures not only contact details but lots of useful information to help (i) Aboriginal people; (ii) the health industry professionals; (iii) the public that lives, works or travels within WA.

1 - Is it free to add my health service?
Yes you can list your health services in Mappa for free. Add your health service here.
1 - Is it free to add my health service?
Yes you can list your health services in Mappa for free. Add your health service here.
2 - Who is Mappa designed to help?

Mappa was designed to help 1) Aboriginal peoples; 2) The health industry; and 3) the public (whether you live, travel or work in WA).

3 - What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a means in how you could hold your health appointment. Contact your GP/Clinic/Service Provider to discuss if Telehealth is possible for you.

Telehealth consultations (if permitted), can often by done in metro, regional and remote WA.

Telehealth consultations are becoming increasing popular. View the Mary Telehealth video (1min 20secs).

4 - Can I book my health appointment directly from Mappa?

No – Mappa is not a booking service. Mappa allows you to find your health service easily and contact details for you make enquiries. It provides comprehensive information on most health services.

5 - How do I know when a Visiting Professional is in town?

You can search by a specific profession and choose a location.

Select from either a:

  • Town name;
  • Aboriginal community name;
  • Region; or
  • The whole of WA.

Alternative you could choose by all professions in a location. E.g. View all visiting professionals in the Pilbara.

Mappa tracks many visiting specialists and allied health professionals. View all the key contributing organisations.


6 - I am a visiting specialist. What if I have to cancel my appointment due to cyclone/flooding

Mappa covers this by allowing you to put up Alerts. Enter the dates that you need this message to appear in Mappa and if you are rescheduling to another date or cancelling.

7 - Some health services have lots of information but others don't - why is this?

Mappa aims to provide comprehensive information on each health service however each health service chooses the level of detail that they will/ will not provide. 

8 - I don't know where our health service information would go in Mappa?

Please contact the Mappa Manager on 9227 1631 to discuss and the Mappa team can help guide in this area on opportunities. Always open to ideas on how to improve Mappa. 

9 - How does the information in Mappa stay up to date?

The health service providers showing their information in Mappa are asked to verify their details frequently via automated emails. Each provider can choose verify to confirm the details are still correct as is or can add/edit details as needed via logins.

The Mappa default is to verify data quarterly. In some cases due to data sharing agreements, this verification frequency can vary.

10 - Where does the Aboriginal Cultural information in Mappa come from?

It is important that Aboriginal cultural information is provided by Aboriginal people. There are Aboriginal staff on the Mappa team who also liaise with Aboriginal people from:

11 - Mappa isn't working, who do I contact?

Please report issues to the Mappa team asap to rectify. Contact via phone, email or on our web form.

12 - Who owns / created / runs Mappa?

Mappa is a project proudly delivered by the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA).

Organisations on the Mappa Steering Committee have been integral in the strategic direction of developing Mappa.

13 - Why are there are some missing health services on Mappa?

Mappa aims to collect as much health service information WA wide. Through extensive stakeholder engagement and our communications plan, Mappa has been able to reach a very large audience and the Mappa team is working through a priority list of adding health services.

Even after Mappa’s release, Mappa will be constantly adding more health services and expanding. 

Add your health service if it is not already showing. If you have multiple locations –  contact the Mappa team on 9227 1631 to discuss the easiest way we can work with you.

14 - What is environmental health?

Environmental health (EH) considers where and how people live and how this impacts their health. EH addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors that can potentially affect health.

Examples of Environmental health: (but not limited to)

  • Sinks that will not empty.
  • Cockroaches everywhere.
  • Poor ventilation in house design could cause respiratory conditions
  • Food and Nutrition: e.g. washing fruit & vegetables with clean water