Project Background

Mappa is a free-to-use online mapping tool which aims to help Aboriginal people and communities better access health services closer to home, with family and on country within WA. In achieving this, Mappa will:

  • Be the go to online tool for the health industry – it has a comprehensive database of available permanent health services and visiting health professionals across WA;
  • Provides reliable and up-to-date information about community health services encouraging better-utilisation of, and access to services;
  • Informs and improves the patient experience and journey;
  • Ensures patients receive optimised health care as close as possible to family, home and country;
  • Reduces the number of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people being unnecessarily displaced from their homes to receive health care;
  • Greater awareness and consideration of cultural obligations; and
  • Reducing the high statistics for Did Not Attend (DNA), Discharge against Medical Advice (DAMA) and Did Not Wait (DNW).

Mappa only shows public service information and does not show any personal patient information.

Add your Health Service

If you are a WA health service provider, add your service information on Mappa by calling the Mappa team on 9227 1631 so that users can find you. Show what services you offer.

Mappa is a custom made platform for the WA health industry that captures not only contact details but lots of useful information to help (i) Aboriginal people; (ii) the health industry professionals; (iii) the public that lives, works or travels within WA.


Mappa Features

Mappa is distinctive, in that it displays cultural information that raises awareness to the importance of upholding cultural safety and appropriateness when working with Aboriginal people and their communities. Mappa promotes a safer and more culturally appropriate health care system that helps to provide: The right care, in the right place, at the right timeMappa features includes:

  • Cultural Tips and Remote Area travel tips;
  • Services and staff exclusive to help Aboriginal peoples e.g. Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer;
  • Traditional and Spiritual health considerations;
  • Aboriginal languages that may be spoken per town/community;
  • The ability to search by Aboriginal Community names in WA;
  • Health resources dedicated for Aboriginal people;
  • Lore time throughout WA;
  • Cultural Events;
  • Information on permits for rural and remote communities – Aboriginal Community endorsed travel notices;
  • Community Events;
  • Aboriginal Interpreting Services.

Mappa shows comprehensive, culturally appropriate, reliable health service information that coves metro, regional and remote areas throughout Western Australia. It is designed for use by anyone – Aboriginal people, health professionals, all patients and the general public.

This online mapping platform shows health service locations, opening hours, contact details, staff, services, programs, resources, visiting specialists and allied health professionals and more.

 What can you do:

  • Find the nearest health services to a community/town.
  • Find when a visiting specialist and allied health professional will be at a location. 
  • See cultural information and remote area travel tips, alternate community names, community events, languages spoken, and cultural notices.
  • Search travel routes for driving, plane, ferry, bus, train and even road closures.
  • Find destination information including weather.

Health professionals can use Mappa to coordinate a safer, more responsible ‘patient journey’.

What is Telehealth

Telehealth is a means as to how some health appointments are being held. A telehealth video consultation allows a patient and eligible health specialist/consultant/physician to have their health appointment via video conferencing equipment.

Contact your GP/Clinic/Service Provider to discuss if Telehealth is possible for you.

Telehealth consultations (if permitted), can often be done in metro, regional and remote WA. This often allows you to access health services closer to home

Telehealth consultations are becoming increasing popular. View the Mary Telehealth video (1min 20secs).

Mappa & Telehealth

When a health service provider adds their service information into Mappa – they are asked if they offer Telehealth and if yes – Mappa captures more details about Telehealth to help its users.

To see if Telehealth is offered you can either:

  • Search by Telehealth from the homepage; and
  • Per health service provider – click ‘VIEW DETAILS’ and you will see the section on Telehealth when it is available.

Using Mappa and Telehealth, people will be able to utilise services that are closer to home, with family and on country, where people are comfortable and stress-free, and where people can also fulfill family and cultural obligations.

Mappa uses spatial mapping to enable web visualisation of database information to provide timely, comprehensive and reliable information about services available in regional and remote areas, as well as information related to geographical access and transport routes.

How does this work?

The transport component works like Google Maps does – you enter your starting location and your finishing location. You have the ability to:

  • Add a stop(s); and
  • Reverse your route.

Transport Types

Transport options captured in Mappa from one location to another:

  • Directions for driving/walking;
  • Flight options – shows flight numbers, departure and arrival times;
  • Train Schedules;
  • Buses Routes; and
  • Ferries Schedules.

Clinicians can search for their patients to better adequately supply the right care knowing the whole patient journey. Anyone in WA can search in Mappa to find their closest health service to book their next appointment or even to know distances to a health service/hospital.

Road Closures

Mappa displays live road closures from Main Roads WA and is shown in red on the travel routes. The map shows roads in orange colour when it is open but with conditions. On the map you can:

  • Zoom in and out for more or less details;
  • The default travel routes search automatically shows road closures; and
  • Toggle on & off the road closures – hence you choose when to display this or not.

Country Health Connection

Country Health Connection is featured in Mappa – a support and coordination service for Country Aboriginal people travelling from rural and remote areas to Perth for specialist medical and hospital appointments. Country Health Connection provides:

  • Free, cultural appropriate transport services between 6am – 10pm on weekdays and a weekend service is available on request.
  • Meet and greet services patients arriving in Perth from 7am to 9pm seven days a week.

Check the eligibility criteria to see if you can apply.  Bookings must be done before 3pm the weekday prior via your local PATS Office(s). Bookings are subject to approval via PATs.

The Country Health Connection that enable Aboriginal communities to spend time on country and strengthen links between their communities, country and culture. 

Mappa is a very comphrensive database covering many services within the WA health industry. Some other features (but not limited to) include:

Did you know you can search by:

  • Hospitals;
  • Doctors (GPs);
  • Pharmacies;
  • Environmental Health – find your closest Environmental Health Office or Worker;
  • Integrated Team Care (ITC) providers;
  • Interpretting Services; and much more.

Mappa shows also per service provider:

  • When appointments are required;
  • The facilities available at the health service;
  • Home visits by Doctors (GP’s) / Aboriginal Health Liaision Officers (AHLO’s);
  • Parking details – free/paid, bus parking, disabled parking features.
  • Referrals forms per health service provider;
  • Who to contact for questions related to medical records (where applicable);
  • Payment Information and when bulk billing/concession rates apply;
  • After Hours help – when their premises is closed, who to contact for help.

Other Mappa Features:

  • Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) information – accommodation and transport;
  • Cultural information & Services for Aboriginal people;
  • Remote Area Travel Tips;
  • Community Events;
  • Destination information;
  • At Doctors practises – when there is male/female staff.
  • Alerts;
  • Opportunities for feedback – how to improve Mappa; report if anything is missing etc; and much more.