Health industry workshops by Mappa

Mappa has been holding a number of health industry workshops. This enables Mappa to truly capture what is best for the health industry and we can include all these factors into the build of our platform. Mappa is being built by developers for release on 30 June 2020.

Our last 2 workshops held was to make sure that Mappa listens to the industry needs and displays the most useful & relevant information. These recent workshops focussed on what detail should be displayed for hospitals, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, clinics and nursing posts. This also covered the Visiting Specialists and Allied Health Professionals and cultural components for Aboriginal people.  

Find out what the attendees feedback was from our last 2 workshops held:

  • 100% found it useful
  • 100% rated the workshop helpful (77.28% very helpful/fantastic)
  • Main search would be for Visiting specialists and Allied Health Professionals.
  • Out of 100 :
    1. Level of Engagement = 82
    2. Was the Communication Clear = 87
    3. Presenters organisation = 97

We are working together with the WA health industry, Mappa is able to customise the program to get the best results that will help Aboriginal peoples, health professionals and the everyday user from the public that lives, works or travels within WA.