The Countdown has begun!!

WOW the countdown for the Mappa launch has begun. Only five weeks for the release of Mappa to the whole of WA. Mappa is a free online communication tool for all to use which will be available on 30 June, 2020. On this date, you will all be a part of history in the making! The connection of health services, clinicians, and clients/patients across and throughout WA. All Western Australians will be able to get ‘the right care in the right place, at the right time’

On the homepage you can use the search bar to find the health service(s) you are interested in and specify a location (e.g. town/region). You can also search by a category e.g. ACCHS, Hospital, WACHS, AoD services etc. If you need ‘More Information’ just click on the health service you want to know more details about – this shows what services this health service provides.

Mappa includes contact details, addresses, opening and closing hours, services provided, programs and Aboriginal programs delivered, plus what other facilities are attached to the health service and resources. For information regarding Mappa click on the link provided. all of Mappa’s features.

Mappa is distinctive, in that it displays significant information that raises awareness of the importance of upholding Cultural Safety and Cultural Appropriateness, when working with Aboriginal people and their communities. Mappa promotes a safer and more culturally appropriate health care system that can help people with language, lore time, and also Aboriginal interpreters. Click here for more information regarding cultural tips and information cultural information