Update on Mappa Launch

The Mappa Steering Committee advise that we are postponing the Mappa Soft Launch that was scheduled for the 30th June 2020.

Whilst the Mappa Steering Committee previewed the platform on 18th June and some really good feedback has been received, we have continued to have difficulties  in collecting all stakeholder information due to COVID-19. We really would like all stakeholders to be represented in the tool and ensure that all information is complete for the users of Mappa.

We have also since the launch become aware of some minor glitches that will need to be rectified prior to the formal launch. We have therefore decided to postpone the launch until November 2020 when we can showcase the final product at the NACCHO Conference being held in Perth 16-18 November. This would be a greater opportunity to have the launch face to face with a greater impact at a national conference.